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Auto Strainer

TAEWON develops and delivers self-cleaning filters for continuous filtration of liquids in pressurised systems.
These can be used to remove sediment and debris from natural water sources such as sea, river water or to remove particles from process liquids.
Our filters harness the power of a natural physical phenomenon, which leads to an ingeniously simple but highly reliable filtering operation.

The Bernoulli Cleaning Principle

TAEWON Automatic Strainer, the bulk of the work is done by a disc mounted on a pneumatic cylinder.
The filter basket is cleaned by this disc as water passes through a gap between the disc and the basket. Flow velocity increases locally around the disc and, in accordance with the Bernoulli principle, the static pressure is reduced. It is the vacuum effect of lower static pressure around the edge of the disc that cleans the basket.


  • Simple and ingenious cleaning system with few moving parts, ensuring high operational reliability and simple maintenance.
  • A low and constant pressure drop, the same in both clean and dirty conditions.
  • Low flushing pressure: from 0.3 barG.
  • Easy installation: TAEWON Automatic Strainer can be fitted directly to pipelines. Any horizontal or vertical position is possible.
  • Good corrosion resistance: filter bodies in PVC and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) are particularly suitable for corrosive sea water, stainless steel filter bodies for fresh water applications.