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Insulation Joints

Single(1) Point Welding type Insulation Joint
Single(1) Point Welding type Insulation Joint
None-Welded type Insulation Joint
None-Welded type Insulation Joint
(International patented products)

The Industry’s Best Sealing

The ElectroLoc® monolithic Insulation joints manufactured by TAEWON will serve as a positive, leak-proof, block against the flow of electric current in all piping systems. When you buy the ElectroLoc® Insulation joint you also buy maintenance costs; an especially important feature for system operators and engineers.

Eliminates Short Circuits

Bolts, sleeves and washers – the major source of short circuits in most Insulation assemblies are eliminated with the ElectroLoc® Insulation joint. Each joint is electrically tested during production to assure integrity, performance, isolating properties.

Eliminates Field Assembly

The ElectroLoc® Insulation joint is completely factory assembled and tested. There are no flanges, gaskets, nuts, bolts, sleeves or washers to handle and consequently no fluid leaks due to improper field assembly.

100% Shop Tested

All ElectroLoc® Insulation joints undergo shop tests according to project specifications and code requirements.
The undergo shop test is shown below.

  • Pneumatic Air Test
  • Hydro Fatigue Test
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Vacuum Test
  • Tensile Strength Test
  • Bend Test
  • Torsion Test
  • Cold Resistance Test
  • Hot Resistance Test
  • Gas Resistance Test
  • Electrical Resistance Test
  • Dielectric Strength Test
  • Other test provided upon request

ElectroLoc&reg Monolithic Insulation Joints

Cost and Pereformance Adavantages of
Insulation Joints vs. Flanges + Kits

The design of the TAEWON insulation joint has been proven by extensive independent prototype testing and is supported by many years Satisfactory “in-line” service in the most arduous conditions.

TAEWON insulation joints can withstand considerable external loads (bending / torsion / tensile) in addition to internal pressure.

Production Process

1. Engineering
100% conducted internally.
2. Machining
Forgings and pipe machining is conducted internally.
3. Welding
Conducted 100% internally by qualified welders
4. Assembly
Carried out internally by specialized personnel.
5. Testing
Is conducted internally by our testing engineer team.
6. Painting
Carried out with our certified partner facility.